• Vehicle transport

    Vehicle transport

With us, your vessel will arrive to the goal destination quickly and safely

Our years-worth of experience, an individual approach, modern (specialized) vehicles and our expertise allow us to carry out a reliable and safe transport of vessels of all kinds to various destinations.

Transportation of new and used cars

Carriage of holiday vehicles (motorhomes and trailers)

Transportation of cargo vehicles and mechanization, emergency transport

From the warehouse, where your vehicle is stored, to the desired destination. Without restrictions.

In our company, we will take care of all of your wishes regarding the transport of vessels, regardless of the vessel’s size, even of extreme dimensions, in foreign or domestic traffic. We carry out transport from the location where the vehicle is stored, to the desired destination.

We will completely adapt to your needs and enable a safe and quick transport of your vessel. During the transport, your vessel will be professionally secured.

Vehicle transport destinations

The transport of multiple or individual vehicles is possible all over Europe (with the exception of Russia) and of course, all over the Balkan and Slovenia.

Wholesome care for your vessel (even out of season)

We wish to offer our clients a complete solution all in one place, therefore your vessels are serviced, maintained and stored even out of season. As you wish, we can carry out conservation or deconservation of your vessel.

Winter storage of vessels in a carefully guarded area

The summer is over quickly, you do not need your vessel any longer and even then, you can count on us. We offer you storage of your vessel over the winter in an area that is guarded 24 hours a day, fenced and under video surveillance. During the winter season, together with reliable business partners, we also offer you all the necessary maintenance of your vessels, so that at the beginning of the season your vessel will be ready for navigation and new challenges.

Transport of vessels of extreme dimensions

We highlight the advantages of cooperating with RHI Company


and subsequently speed (your cargo will reach the goal destination much quicker compared to bigger logistical companies


Our client always knows exactly where their cargo is.

Complete service

Also legal, insurance and other services.


There is only one person in contact with each client so that the information does not get lost

Our consumers experience

Motorboat rental

Ensure a fairly-priced rental of
maintained motorized vessels.

Driving a wedding

Do you want a wedding that is a little
different? Let it be marked by a
nostalgic ride, as in the 70's.

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