• Transport of pallet goods

    Transport of pallet goods

Anytime. Anywhere. Wherever.

The difference between the competition and us is that we operate with rented transport units, which means that, given our large or wide range of carriers across Europe, we can arrange the transportation of your goods at any time from any part of Europe.

Our independence. Your lowered cost.

We do not need to wait for our trucks to arrive, instead, we transport units in your vicinity and subsequently do not burden you with waiting for our truck arriving to the loading point. Because we know that time is money, we save you both and enable that your goods are delivered to the desired destination safely and quickly.

Transport destinations

With our foreign and domestic business partners, we ensure you a fast, high-quality and fairly-priced road transport service in Slovenia and all over the Europe.

During the transport, we offer you:

We advise and optimize

We have the knowledge and the experience to advise you on effective solutions that optimize your logistics business. We advise you on customs, traffic and other regulations related to the import, export, warehousing, transit and transportation of goods.

In the woods I reach a crossroads and choose a path that has been walked by fewer people.
- the poet Robert Frost

We highlight the advantages of cooperating with RHI Company


and subsequently speed (your cargo will reach the goal destination much quicker compared to bigger logistical companies


Our client always knows exactly where their cargo is.

Complete service

Also legal, insurance and other services.


There is only one person in contact with each client so that the information does not get lost

Our consumers experience

Motorboat rental

Ensure a fairly-priced rental of
maintained motorized vessels.

Driving a wedding

Do you want a wedding that is a little
different? Let it be marked by a
nostalgic ride, as in the 70's.

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