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    The world of safe and fast cargo transport that generates value and customer satisfaction. The world of pleasant and correct cooperation.

The world of RHI!

The RHI Company is run by a young, responsive crew with a strong vision and an optimistic view of the future. We wish to work well, honestly and with all of our hearts.

Qualitatively. Professionally.
Reliably. RHI d.o.o.

The company RHI d.o.o. wants to become one of the more recognizable and trusted external logistics partners for companies that need logistical and transport solutions. The company’s vision is based on providing quality solutions, professionalism and continuous improvement of all business processes.

Working in the framework of world-renowned companies and brands, continuous education of our employees, and continuous provision of all necessary resources for the needs of logistics services, provides us with continuous progress and new business opportunities.

»Everyone can do something, but together we can do anything.«

Robert Zupančič, CEO

One who is inactive, backtracks…

We are aware that only trained professionals can provide you with top-notch solutions. At RHI, we are a young but nonetheless a very experienced team, who strive for continuing education and tracking the progress in developing innovative approaches to modern logistics solutions.


Watch our presentation video to get to know our company better, our values and approaches.

When you think of a reliable logistic partner, think of us. . RHI.


Our company’s mission is to be the interconnecting link between our customers, suppliers and transport companies, that is, to be the external logistical partner and aid to both of the segments with fulfilling their logistical needs. We are trying to – be better every day and be even more competitive.


Our vision is to become the synonym of safe and reliable logistics services. The vision is also to become one of the most recognizable logistics companies on a European scale. We achieve the vision of the company by constantly investing in knowledge and development, and following the latest trends in the field of logistics.


Our primary goal is to meet the needs of our customers, business partners and employees. To remain an esteemed brand both by contractors and by carriers. We are aware that this can be achieved only with an extremely correct relationship and progress.

Change is the only constant in life.
- Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher

We highlight the advantages of cooperating with RHI Company


and subsequently speed (your cargo will reach the goal destination much quicker compared to bigger logistical companies


Our client always knows exactly where their cargo is.

Complete service

Also legal, insurance and other services.


There is only one person in contact with each client so that the information does not get lost

Our consumers experience

Motorboat rental

Ensure a fairly-priced rental of
maintained motorized vessels.

Driving a wedding

Do you want a wedding that is a little
different? Let it be marked by a
nostalgic ride, as in the 70's.

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