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World RHI!

A world of safe and fast transportation of goods that creates value and customer satisfaction. A world of pleasant and fair cooperation.

RHI, trgovina,
posredovanje, storitve, d.o.o.

Ljubljanska cesta 56
8000 Novo mesto, Slovenija

ID: SI26274221
Tel: +386 7 33 76 130
Fax: +386 7 33 76 131
Mob: +386 41 392 390
E: robert.zupancic@rhi.si

Director, CEO  
Robert Zupančič, dipl. org. man.

Logistics Officer
Marjan Bevc, ing. teh. prom.

Logistics Officer
Karmen Penca

PR, quality management and business support

Valentina Kunej, univ.dipl.org

Darija Lupšina, dipl. ekon.

We highlight the advantages of cooperating with RHI Company


and subsequently speed (your cargo will reach the goal destination much quicker compared to bigger logistical companies


Our client always knows exactly where their cargo is.

Complete service

Also legal, insurance and other services.


There is only one person in contact with each client so that the information does not get lost

Our consumers experience

Motorboat rental

Ensure a fairly-priced rental of
maintained motorized vessels.

Driving a wedding

Do you want a wedding that is a little
different? Let it be marked by a
nostalgic ride, as in the 70's.

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